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Behind the Scenes Theatre Heros

​As we approach many of our final productions and Festival Day, I wanted to use this Daily Bailey to give a big hand to some people who may not be on stage, but spend a ton of time in (or under) the theater. If you know anyone that does lighting, sound, set design, stagecraft, or anything else that is instrumental to the works of art we see on the stage, give them a big thank you! As I walked around camp today, I visited the theater shop and saw them building away at some awesome set pieces. Also, all of the cool smoke and lighting that happens during the noontime show is done by people sitting in the verrrrrrry back in the sound and lighting booth. Thank you to all of our staff and campers who take our theater to the next level by supporting all of the acts on stage! I am attaching some photos from the shop today. You guys rock!

Also, everyone should check out the CAAP Facebook page as well as the events for both nights of the musical and Festival Day. Invite your family and friends to come and see all of the hard work you have done this summer!

Until tomorrow,



​Today was full of gifts, candy, donuts, bagels, hugs, games, and it was basically like summer Christmas! You guys were all so lovely to your CITs just as they deserved. I just wanted to take a minute and say that I am so appreciative to the CITs, too. Without them my job would be a million times harder. Some of them I have known for almost ten years now!! Their show was unbelievable and hilarious, especially the costumes. We are so lucky to have so many talented people as part of our CAAP family. Check out the photos for some of the action!

Love to all of you CITs,


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Creative Arts at Park provides young people with an opportunity to explore the full range of visual and performing arts and sports. Under the guidance of professional artists, the students can discover talents and develop skills which will provide them with life long enjoyment. The performance orientation of the program emphasizes an integral approach to the arts and creates a spirit of cooperation


​5 Weeks in June and July (June 29th - July 31st 2015)

For Partial Time weeks call Kippy or Pam at 617-274-6065 


​The program is open to students ages 7 - 15


Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.​


Campers bring lunch or buy the delicious fare at the Al Fresco Kitchen, our on-campus Snack Bar.​


The program operates a shuttle between the school and the Brookline Village MBTA Station at the start and end of the day. Otherwise, students/families provide their own transportation. Contract services are available through Local Motion.​

Extended Day:

​Extended Day for Creative Arts at Park is available through Summer at Park.

Contact Mary Russell: 617-274-6024 or Michelle Rufo: 617-274-6025.

Camp Talk

​Even though it's only been two weeks, I've had one of the greatest summers ever. I've been faced with writing, building, filming, and music, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. It was a great decision to come here, and I can't wait to continue camp here.


​The CITs and counselors are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They are so helpful and whenever you need anything they will be there for you.


Looking forward to CAAP 2016!

​We had a magical summer and are already counting the days until opening day 2016. 

Keep checking this site for important information and updates to come!