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Summer 2015 dates: June, 29th - July, 31st

The Daily Tracy!

Last Monday :(

I cannot believe it is already the last week of camp!  These five weeks have just FLOWN by!  ​I am so excited for Festival Day in which every camper gets to showcase his or her own work, dance performances, and more!  For a link of the Festival Day schedule just click here; it is also posted on the homepage to the right hand side.  

Happy Friday!

Week Three is almost over, my how the time flies!!

Today is crazy hat day and I have seen a plethora of outlandish, silly, and awesome hats around CAAP!

Here are some classes taking advantage of the beautiful weather and working outside or travelling to Lars Anderson!​

So Long Daily Bailey, and Welcome to the Daily Tracy

Welcome back to the Creative Arts at Park blog! This year, the blog has been taken over by the "new Bailey."  For the past six years, Bailey has been the one at the big red front desk helping out with the school and camps.  However, she has gotten a job to better her professional career and now, here I am!   For those of you who do not yet know, my name is Tracy and I will be holding down the fort here at the front desk this Summer.  I'll still be using this blog to give all of you some updates on the awesome things that I see at camp throughout the day. Don't be surprised if you see me peeking in to your classes looking for new writing ideas. 

I can't believe it is already the THIRD week here at CAAP!  Although learning everybody's names is super difficult, I'm having an amazing time and am loving my time here!  It's great to see such amazing diverse kiddos happily running about smiling and laughing as they go about their days. 

We have had some amazing noontime shows already, consisting of some awesome performances from Junior Girl's Rock Band, Kevin's annual "Simon Says", Recycled Rhythms, and more! You can also see our noontime shows online here. It blows my mind how quickly the acts for the shows are created and how amazingly they are executed!  Keep up the phenomenal work!

In my upcoming posts look for photos, noontime show highlights, and important information about what's happening here at camp. If you have any ideas for me or anything that you want me to see, just let me know! You know where to find me!  

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Camp Talk

​Festival Period is probably my favorite time of the day. I love how campers can do anything they want to do! Everyday there are many different choices of classes you can do or try. You can even just sit outside, play cards or games with a friend and just relax or read a book.


​I'm still feeling dazzled by yesterday's Festival... the theater, dance and music programs were simply fabulous. It was a joy to see how deeply invested both kids were in everything they did, and all of the friendships and collaborations they had. The photography exhibit was beautiful. Seeing Ben on the electric yuke and playing in a band for the first time was like seeing Dylan at Newport! Nothing will ever be the same!


​We had a wonderful summer in 2014 and are already planning for CAAP summer 2015.

Summer 2015 dates: June, 29th - July, 31st