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Animation - Pell Osborn, Department Head

Produce three animated group projects combining the visual punch of traditional, hand-drawn animation with digital effects, editing, and sound sync. This LineStorm pen and pixel approach to animation has won our projects top awards at national film and video festivals, and many have aired on PBS, HBO and The Independent Film Channel.​

Art - Michelle Carter, Department Head

​Explore a range of exciting visual art classes taught by professional artists. Learn the basics of drawing and painting, get your hands into some clay to make sculpture or throw a pot on the wheel. Make colored glass sculpture, carve linoleum blocks, cut, paste, and assemble found objects and colored paper in 2- and 3-D collages. Make a giant puppet or realize a fantastic creature out of paper mache. The art department explodes with color and activity as we work toward our final exhibition on Festival Day.


In our state-of-the-art Mac lab, classes in web design and computer art expand campers' understanding of the fundamentals of HTML and image editing. Learn to edit and place links, sounds, pictures, backgrounds, and movie clips.​

Counselor-in-Training Intern Program - Ezra Flam, Department Head

​This program is for high school Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors (16-18 years) who assist in a teaching capacity and are mentored by experienced staff. The CIT application deadline is January 31st.

Dance - Jenny Lifson, Department Head

Dance with us around the world! You can choose from Afro-Caribbean, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, or Musical Theatre Choreography classes. Each class participates in the Dance Concert at the Arts Festival. Dance is also integrated into the Musical, Junior Musical, and Showtune classes.​

Music - Cissa Campion, Department Head

Be lead singer or guitarist in Rock Band! Join Jazz 'n Blues or Folk Band and compose a song in Songwriting. Sign up for guitar or drum instruction. Select from a wide range of singing classes including: Pop Singing, Showtunes, American Songbook, and a-CAAP-pella.​

Photography - Ben Mayer, Department Head

Choose from a broad range of classes, including experimental and alternative image-making techniques, and digital practices in our up-to-date computer lab. We focus on the artistic process, emphasizing composition, form, and the many ways in which photography allows for self-expression.​

Sports - Kevin Smith, Department Head

Engarde! Choose classes in Fencing, Karate, Gymnastics, Basketball, Soccer, yoga, Ultimate Frisbee, or Tennis and have a ball while learning new skills. Or, try General Sports to play favorites like kickball, capture-the-flag, or four-square. Take a Red Cross instructional swim class in our Olympic-size, heated, outdoor swimming pool or cool off with a daily free swim in the afternoon.​

Theater Arts - Zach Stuart, Department Head

Develop skills in improvisation, musical theater, vocal technique, straight theater, lighting and set design, and make-up arts. Sing, dance, perform, and create in classes such as The Musical, The Jr. Musical or The Advanced One Act Play, Story Theater and Improvisation for Actors.​

Video - David Flick, Department Head

Get behind and in front of the camera everyday in our state-of-the-art video lab. Produce, act, and direct a soap opera, watch and recreate classic film scenes, or ham it up in video comedy sketches. Use our extensive production equipment and professional editing software to learn the craft of traditional movie making.​

Writing - Hallie Gilbert, Department Head

What kind of a writer are you? Try your hand at Fiction Writing, Screenwriting, Poetry, First-Person Narrative, and Journalism.​

Camp Talk

​CAAP is a space for personal expression: it's about trying new things, making mistakes, and growing up (but not too much!). It's a place where you're always a mentor and always an apprentice, and you know that others will be cheering you on. Creative Arts at Park is family.  


​Everything is different from the culture where I came from. Everyone is kind and graceful. They treat me very politely, even though I have the different skin color, hair color and eyes, even though my native language is not English. I like all the classes that I had and plan to return next year. This is the best summer program ever, it bring me to the topic point of happiness and joyful.


Open House Dates - 2018

Open House Dates for Creative Arts at Park 2018

  • Thursday, Feb. 8: 6-7:30 pm
  • Thursday, Mar. 8: 6-7:30 pm 
  • Tuesday,  Apr. 10: 6-7:30 pm
  • Thursday, May 11: 6-7:30 pm


The Park School (Lobby)

171 Goddard Ave.

Brookline, MA 02445

Come to the lobby in the main building for a tour of the camp, to meet and talk with directors, Kippy Dewey and Pam Swift, and/or to bring friends who may want to join us for full or partial time weeks.

For information call Kippy or Pam: 617-274-6065/6066

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