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This advanced class is for students who have had prior experience in clay, hand-building techniques, and the use of glazes. We will work on a collective piece as well as on individual projects. Well do some wheel throwing and explore more advanced techniques of hand-building and sculpture.

Starting with large scale drawings of simple structures. Then using these drawings as a spring board build up away, beyond, from and behind the surface .. and how big can you go? and does it travel out of the room and around the corner and ends for no apparent reason in an inconvenient place. How about building a structure that travels from one person to another and you have to wear it for the rest of the day? For the first couple of weeks we will construct a series of quick pieces using inexpensive and found materials. We will appropriate familiar spaces and make the unexpected, then dismantle and start something new.

The goal: to harness the beauty of stained glass! Working primarily with glass we will learn how to cut, shape, and fuse this versatile material. We may augment creations with a variety of materials such as copper, slate, and various hardwoods to construct projects more sculptural in nature. Long and short term project highlights may also include small windows, sun catchers, candle holders, pendants, mirrors and mosaics.

For aficionados of the bizarre and degenerate. A sequence of events that are related by one simple criteria.. they go left to right.. usually! Script a sequence of ludicrous events make them, do them film and photo them. Each element has to be completed in one to two days. Ideas can exist in any format as drawings, animations, performances, spoken descriptions, video or actually made. For example: Tie a piece of furniture to a friend and park them in a car space dont forget the overnight meter. Cover someone in balloons and roll them around in a peculiar manner. Pull a string that unleashes a pile of jello who knows where! Make a mechanism that makes a disgusting noise as it goes along. Tell a joke backwards. Walk around with a directional arrow pointing the wrong way. Build some oars and row a building across the lawn. Well put the Dada in Fart by changing a few letters this is one minute art or is it just mucking around?

Well use basic hand-building construction (coil, pinch and slab methods) to create functional and fanciful pieces. Well also experiment with surface textures and glazing techniques.

Well use basic hand-building construction (coil, pinch and slab methods) to create functional and fanciful pieces. Well also experiment with surface textures and glazing techniques.

Artists have been working with collage for a long time, and today it seems to be more popular than ever. In this exciting class well show you a diverse range of work by other artists to get you ripping, tearing, cutting, nailing and gluing. Well work with magazines, recycled materials, fabric, a variety of papers and materials , to make 2D pieces and then work up to more sculptural collages using wood, wire and found objects.

This is your chance to draw out a story - whether it be an amusing daydream or an elaborate vision of future civilizations - and bring it to life. We will build on our knowledge of drawing tools such as perspective and shading in order to deliver images with impact! We will all experiment with different media (including pen and ink, marker, and paint) as we create our storyboards and develop our characters and environments. Your personal vision may ultimately take the form of a giant poster, a graphic novel, or weekly comic strips in the camp newspaper.

This is a class where your imagination can run wild. Create a 3D creature from the future or the past. It can be from the bottom of the sea, or a new species from Avatars moon, Pandora, or beyond. If you can dream it then we will make it out of papier-mch, found objects, feathers, glitter and more. We will be accompanying this creature with its family, friends, pets and make the environment that they all live in.

The relationship between human beings and their ever-changing environment is fascinating for artists. It is present in everything from ancient Chinese landscapes to contemporary art. In this class you will have the opportunity to discover what inspires you. It might be the movement of the clouds or the view of the city from a hilltop or mostly just the color orange! We will spend most days outdoors, experimenting with a range of materials including charcoal, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic paint.

Release your inner inventor! Revitalize that vacuum cleaner, table, chair! Tackle new mechanical projects each week in this unconventional and dangerously punked out offering. Together well build a hybrid dune buggy (inspired by the Toyota Prius) that will just go and go and go! You won’t stop there. Youll also design and build your very own electric guitar, challenge preconceptions about what an electric guitar is, made from junk found at home. Finally, our favorite substandard summertime offering involves an inappropriate use of office furniture in the first ever wacky office chair jousting competition. This class is not yet rated and not intended for mature audiences. Supervised basement and dumpster diving recommended.

Before there were cameras, there were artists who drew and catalogued the natural world. Scientists would bring the specimens that they collected from all over the world, back to the illustrators who would carefully inspect and draw the objects using pencil, ink and watercolor. In some cases, the scientists/illustrators worked on the spot. This new class will focus on illustrating the natural world around us. We will draw from bones, butterfly collections, shells, beetles, and objects that we collect outdoors. We will also look at a lot of old illustrations by different naturalists and create our own box or Wonder Cabinet, of the objects that we collect.

Every morning at CAAP, we’ll work on the design and creation of a group of mammoth posters (approx. 3’ x 4’), one for each week of the program. We’ll highlight five distinct themes (possible topics: NORTH TO ALASKA, FANCIFUL SUBMARINES, SEASONS OF THE YEAR, FAVORITE FOODS). We start with small-field sketches, then transfer our designs onto larger surfaces, adding details, color and texture. We’ll display the posters prominently for the CAAP and Park School communities. What a great way to start the day at CAAP!

Experiment with different approaches to painting and use a variety of materials to get your ideas across. Well use watercolor, acrylic, tempera and apply it to canvas, paper and wood with brushes, our fingers, sponges, sticks, and who knows what. Well create our own dictionary for colors by attaching words and meanings to color. Well look at the work of other artists to understand how the colors we choose and the way that we use them, can have meaning. Put on your smocks and join us! New description coming

Come and explore the possibilities of Puppetry with us in this new course! Imagine 600,000 years ago when the Neanderthals sat around their fires in caves and used their fingers to create shadowy stories against the illuminated cave walls. Flash to today, and the puppets used to create the new movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox. In this class we will explore some of the history of puppetry, and create our own unique and outrageous puppets and marionettes, using everything from foam, wood, yarn, found objects and anything we need to make our puppets come alive.

In this class we will explore many ways to make prints, including monoprinting, stamping and collagraphs. Well get the press rolling to print our plates and also print by burnishing the back of the paper with various tools. We will be experimenting with color and textures on Japanese papers, colored papers and a wide variety of others. Come and explore. The possibilities are endless.

Challenge yourself to design and create different sewing projects. Projects may include purse, halter top, shorts and recreating new fashion from recycled clothing. Start with sketches, make a pattern, pick your fabric and create. Campers with sewing experience on a sewing machine preferred.

This class is a favorite here at CAAP. Soapstone is a beautiful material with limitless potential for both the beginner and advanced students. We will look at Eskimo art and carving work from other cultures for inspiration. This course requires patience, quiet and focus. The end results are worth the effort.

Have you ever written a story and then felt compelled to draw a picture to help explain it? Have you drawn a picture and then all of a sudden had a fantastic story to tell? If so, then this is a class for you. Campers will write stories and then experiment with a variety of techniques to illustrate them. The stories will then be put on the computer and be presented in multimedia. Join this creative class if you dream of seeing your stories come to life.

Camp Talk

​CAAP is a space for personal expression: it’s about trying new things, making mistakes, and growing up (but not too much!). It’s a place where you’re always a mentor and always an apprentice, and you know that others will be cheering you on. Creative Arts at Park is family.


​Everything is different from the culture where I came from. Everyone is kind and graceful. They treat me very politely, even though I have the different skin color, hair color and eyes, even though my native language is not English. I like all the classes that I had and plan to return next year. This is the best summer program ever, it bring me to the topic point of happiness and joyful.