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Photography ~ Sports ~ Theater ~ Video ~ Writing

How much fun would it be to watch some of the greatest movies ever made, and then recreate scenes from these movies? Very! In this class we will remake great movie scenes, from storyboarding, acting, directing, and editing, well do as much as we can to make ours look as good as the original , maybe better! If youve ever dreamed of being Marlon Brando, Drew Barrymore or Spike Lee, then this is the class for you.

Come explore the world of TV soap operas, as we develop and produce our own episodic daytime drama. Participants will help write, produce and act out the story. New episodes will be presented each week at the Noontime Show - the series will be presented in its entirety on Festival Day.

Learn the exciting world of TV studio production. If you thrive on high energy, tight teamwork, and the challenge of the summer, this is the place for you. You will become a director, a camera person, an audio technician and a floor director as you get behind the equipment to produce the Soap Opera Series. See your name in the credits and fade to black! If you want to help edit the Soap Opera, sign up for Soap Opera Post Production (period 6) as well!

Think you might have what it takes to be a future cast member of Saturday Night Live? Being funny is harder than it looks. Being funny in a group takes teamwork and cooperation. We will begin each week focusing on a particular style of comedy. Well watch some videos, figure out what made the scenes funny, and then create our own pieces In the style of Monty Python? Mel Brooks? Robin Williams? Rocky and Bullwinkle? Inspector Clousseau? Adam Sandler? Will Ferrell? Seth Rogen? (to name just a few). Well write and produce our own video comedy sketches standing on the shoulders of these comic giants.

See Video Comedy l description.

Be part of the excitement, pressure and creativity of a television post-production company doing advanced editing and Web distribution. Using Final Cut Express we will edit title sequences, promos, and episodes of the Soap Opera for presentation to the camp at the Noontime Show. We will also learn how to distribute the Soap Opera on the internet through the Soap Operas own Website.

Be part of the exciting team that writes this year’s soap opera. Learn how to write short scenes, dramatic moments and exciting plot lines and watch them play out as the actors and crew take your script and make it happen on the big screen. For even more fun, join the crew or cast of Soap Opera during third period and see first hand how your script turns into a show.

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