Creative Arts at Park Staff Information

Hey CAAP Staff and Counselors!

We're looking forward to a great summer with you at Creative Arts. On this page you'll always be able to find important dates and forms for employment at CAAP. We'll be using this part of our new site to keep you up to date over the course of the winter and into the summer. Stay tuned for more information!

Camp Talk

​Everything is different from the culture where I came from. Everyone is kind and graceful. They treat me very politely, even though I have the different skin color, hair color and eyes, even though my native language is not English. I like all the classes that I had and plan to return next year. This is the best summer program ever, it bring me to the topic point of happiness and joyful.


​Our son is so happy at Creative arts at Park. It was wonderful to see the entire Noontime how. You really bring out the magic in all the kids in your program – it’s really amazing, and we are so grateful.


Staff Updates

CAAP Staff Meeting:
Date: Sat. March 26, 2016
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Main Building Park School Conference Room
We hope to see you all there. Be in touch one way or the other.